First Impression

Hello everyone,

As I sit and try to think of how best to introduce this blog, the first thing that comes to mind when meeting people is that I have had sweaty hands my whole life. It’s a source of anxiety when meeting people for the first time…worrying that they’ll have to wipe their hand after the clammy introduction to my hand. I think it makes me appear nervous and unprepared. I worry it could be a turn off, a break in a connection that was supposed to happen and bring forth new opportunities, relationships, and maybe even those millions of dollars I dream about…but with that sweaty handshake, everything could start off on the wrong foot.

First impressions are scary. You open yourself to being judged by putting yourself out there and exposing a part of you publicly. We all know what we’re supposed to do, but maybe we focus too much on the motions and not what a first impression actually means.

Stand up straight. Make eye contact. A firm handshake… When you really sit down and think about it though, all of that is trivial. The moment of introduction, no matter how great or poorly it plays out, is the most exciting part. Own it. Being out of your comfort zone is ultimately the catalyst to doing something amazing. It’s a time to transform and evolve.

Rebel Etiquette wants to showcase the digital age world we live in and how to thrive in it. We think thriving comes from doing things that make you feel great and then in turn, wanting to share that with others. The Rules blog is where we articulate and encourage genuine interest in self-improvement…and maybe that means helping humans come to terms with their ugly side too. No one’s perfect.


Mr. I

(Yes, that’s my hand.)

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