Meet Rebel Etiquette: Andrew Ibea

Rebel Etiquette is the brainchild of friends Cathy Collette, Andrew Ibea, and Julian Sambrano. In this blog series, we take a glimpse into the people behind the brand.

Co-founder Andrew Ibea describes himself a California guy.” His personal style leans heavily on casual menswear; he loves denim on denim, striped t-shirts, plaid flannels, and nautical inspired clothing. For this young creative entrepreneur, comfort and style go hand in hand, and versatility is key. In his day job as a visual content and creative director for a major record label, Andrew keeps a full calendar, running from meetings, sets, studio, live shows and the occasional industry parties and events. “I like being able to wear an outfit that won’t ever feel out of place despite the time or scenario,” he says. A Rebel Etiquette bowtie, like the Luca (Andrew’s favorite piece in the inaugural line), can instantly transform a look from day to evening, for a man with Andrew’s fast-paced lifestyle.

With a thriving full-time career in the music industry, how did he find the energy to create a line of men’s accessories? “It was a challenge, balancing time and figuring out how to fund it on our own, so we could control the entire process,” Andrew admits. “We’re still working on that, I know I definitely am. But this is our passion project so it’s worth it.”

What does the name “Rebel Etiquette” mean to you?

The people I have been fortunate to surround myself with personally and professionally all share qualities like having good taste and common sense…but still, they’re somewhat “off,” they have a little bit of the misfit in them. Sharp tongues, frisky, opinionated, laser quick wit…. My family and friends have charm while still being a bit rough around the edges….I love that. I think “Rebel Etiquette” embodies that quality.

What’s your favorite piece in the inaugural collection, and how would you wear it?

It would have to be the Luca. It feels bold and sophisticated. I’ve worn it with a J. Lindeberg suit, but I’ve also dressed it down with worn-in, faded black Levis, a crisp Steven Alan button up, and a Surface 2 Air leather jacket.

Where did Rebel Etiquette draw its inspiration for the inaugural pieces?

It was all collaborative. Cathy, Julian and I talked about some of our style influencers, like Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Band of Outsiders, Toro Y Moi, Mark Ronson, Aaron Paul.

What you see really is a combination of our personalities. I think it’s best displayed with the Jordan, our bowtie with quilted wool and perforated leather. We made sure the detailing made sense, that the ideas were complimentary. I’m particularly proud of that piece and how it turned out, because it’s a true reflection of our collaboration.

Cathy and Julian really took the lead with sourcing the materials all in downtown LA. Julian had some really strong vision for materials, and Cathy created relationships with our vendors and was integral to the whole production process. She worked her ass and eyelashes off!

Who is your dream customer to wear a Rebel Etiquette piece?

James Bond – if it’s Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and more recently Daniel Craig.

Mickey Mouse – he needs a little edge and his bowtie needs an update.

Nelson Mandela – stylewise it may not make sense, but his story embodies the spirit and courage of someone I’d want to represent the brand

What’s next for Rebel Etiquette?

We want to continue to expand on our initial launch with more pieces to tell our story and build the brand’s identity. We have some fun ideas that hopefully will attract new people and collaborations in mind. It’s important that everything feels honest and easy, nothing forced.

(Profile by Jean Ho follow @jeanho on twitter)

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